Another Huge Streamer Leaves Twitch For YouTube Gaming

Twitch is struggling to maintain its biggest streamers as TimTheTatman signs an exclusive contract YouTube Gaming contract.

YouTube Gaming has been scooping up Twitch streamers left, right and centre as of late. Just this week, Dr Lupo signed with the streaming platform. In the months prior, the likes of Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter have swapped out Twitch for YouTube Gaming.

However, TimTheTatman is a massive win for YouTube Gaming, as one of Twitch’s largest streamers.

YouTube video


TimTheTatman has enjoyed streaming and blogging since 2013. In his announcement video on the deal, he joked about his previous jobs. Thanking the “Tat Army” who have supported him since his start, Tim Betar was excited for his future over on YouTube.

With a casual seven million subscribers on Twitch, TimTheTatman will likely see a massive boost of subscribers over on YouTube. Although, Betar still enjoys over three million subs on YouTube. In his announcement video, Courage beckoned TimTheTatman to join him on the newer streaming platform.

Credit: GQ

TimTheTatman will begin streaming today (September 2nd). This comes just one day after many streamers avoided Twitch for the day, in protest of ongoin hate raids. Among the protests as well as the lawsuit brought on by Dr DisRespect, Twitch will be feeling the loss of TimTheTatman.


TimTheTatman was primarily known for streaming Warzone, and even competed in the Call of Duty League. However, amid cheating issues he was one among the likes of NICKMERCS that switched from Warzone to Apex Legends. However, we may see his return to Warzone as the game promised an anti-cheat to arrive later this year. Call of Duty also announced it banned over 100,000 cheaters in a recent video trolling hackers.

YouTube Gaming is clearly putting a lot of money into their new wave of exclusive streamers. While TimTheTatman is one of the largest to join the platform, I have strong feeling he won’t be the last.

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Feature Image Credit: GQ