Why Are Twitch Streamers Not Streaming On September 1st?

Twitch streamers are vowing to take the day off streaming and spectating as part of the #ADayOffTwitch hate raid protests.

Using the hashtag, many streamers will not log onto Twitch on September 1st, even as a viewer. While Twitch has stated that countermeasures are in the works, the protest is urging the company to make actionable change, and quickly. By taking a large chunk of viewers and streamers completely off the grid for the day, Twitch will be financially coerced into taking quicker action.

Hate raids have spread their way through Twitch in recent weeks. These planned attacks will target smaller and marginalised streamers, where their chat will be flooded with hateful messages. However, some have grown tired of the constant attacks, and are hoping the #ADayOffTwitch will result in meaningful change.

One Day of Solidarity

Raids are often a positive part of Twitch culture. Larger streamers will transfer their audiences over to smaller Twitch creators once they finish their stream. This can often lead to some heartfelt reactions, as viewer numbers increase and subscribers flow in.

However, raids have taken on a worrying connotation as of late. As someone that has dabbled in streaming, the idea of a hate raid is terrifying. Maintaining a natural flow with your chat whilst playing games is often enough to worry about. However, hate messages can leave streamers deflated and anxious to continue streaming.

Members of the Underworld charity Twitch community are trying to get the ball rolling on the walk-out, to ensure marginalised streamers aren’t left unprotected. Posting on Twitter RekItRaven, announced the event:

There is a hope that some of the platforms’ larger streamers will join in on the protest to increase its impact. As the movement begins to pick up tractions, I’m assuming we will begin to see more Twitch streamers announcement their involvement. But many are also putting emphasis on the regular viewers, urging them to avoid the platform for the day to reduce traffic.

Twitch is often home to friendly communities, but hate raids are threatening their existence. Hopefully, with the #ADayOffTwitch walk-out, we’ll see quick and decisive action from Twitch, and an end to hate raids.

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Featured Image Credit: Twitch