Twitch Just Lost Another One Of Its Biggest Streamers

Twitch has just lost one of its biggest streamers, as a new contract has seen streamer Dr Lupo take his 4.5 million followers to the YouTube Gaming platform.

Ben “DrLupo” Lupo is the latest Twitch streamer to ditch the platform in favour of YouTube Gaming. In the past, streamers Rachell “Valyrae” Hofstetter and Jack “CouRage” Dunlop have made similar moves over to YouTube. After years on Twitch, Dr Lupo will launch his first ever YouTube stream today (August 31st).

Lupo made the announcment yesterday (August 30th), and is clearly marking the move as a new beginning.

YouTube video
Credit: YouTube


Dr Lupo is known for streaming a variety of games. Some of his most recent streams have seen Lupo explore Escape From Tarkov, Splitgate and Fortnite. However, despite the move, Lupo is no stranger to YouTube.

With over 1.75 million subscribers to date, Lupo has, like other streamers, seen success in posting clips from his Twitch streams. Since its launch in 2013, his channel has accumulated 126 million views. However, that number will likely see a rise as Lupo brings his full focus over to the platform.

Not every streamer has been so positive about the potential of YouTube as a streaming platform. Dr DisRespect recently raised issue with the outreach and audience connectivity, that is somewhat lacking on YouTube. However, DisRespect discussed these matters as he announced he was suing Twitch after the reasoning for his ban was revealed. Unlike DisRespect, Dr Lupo is leaving Twitch by choice.

Photo of man called Dr DisRespect wearing a bulletproof vest with Twitch logo next to him
Credit: Dr DisRepect

Dr Lupo is set to go live for his first YouTube stream later today (August 31st). However, there is no word yet on what he will be streaming. As Dr Lupo leaves Twitch, I reckon we will begin to see more streamers make their way over to YouTube Gaming. Especially as Twitch continually fails to address the ongoing issues of hate raids.

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Feature Image Credit: Dexerto