Bethesda Just Revealed The Campaign Length for Doom

Bethesda is close to releasing one of its most successful first-person shooter franchises soon. Doom is shaping up to be a great game and the latest trailer was really a treat to watch. The publisher has now disclosed how long it will take the average gamer to finish the single player campaign of the game. … Read more

John Romero Just Released His First New DOOM Level In Over 20 Years

John Romero is the godfather of the FPS. He founded id Software, and created DOOM in 1993 alongside John Carmack and Tom Hall. Romero’s resume includes games like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Quake, Daikatana, Heretic, Hexen, Dangerous Dave… the list goes on. Out of nowhere, Romero just released a brand new level for DOOM called “Tech … Read more

Doom Won’t Be Shown Off Until 2015

Looks like the few that attended QuakeCon 2014 was a very luck group as it seems that the game won’t be shown to the world until next year. The reason being, the developers are not confident that the game is ready for a formal showing and it won’t be ready anytime soon. Bethesda Softworks VP … Read more

Crytek Lead Graphic Engineer Leaves For id Software

The lead graphics engineer for Crytek, Tiago Sousa, has left the development team for id Software and the upcoming Doom video game. This departure announcement comes from Sousa himself through his Twitter. Happy to announce i’ll be helping the amazingly talented id Software team with Doom and idTech 6. Very excited :) — Tiago Sousa … Read more

Doom Details From QuakeCon 2014

Doom was on everyone’s minds for QuakeCon 2014. The news of a new Doom title being present during the event was revealed at this year’s E3 event. Fans of the series flooded the halls and into the arena while even more logged into the stream online. However, the stream was cut allowing only those who … Read more

Doom Teaser Trailer Released

Bethesda released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming video game reboot, Doom. The teaser doesn’t reveal too much but for fans of the original Doom video games, this is something to get excited about. Doom is one of those timeless video games. Bethesda is rebooting the game and the new teaser showcases the infamous … Read more

Doom Beta Confirmed For PlayStation 4

Those who pre-order the Wolfenstein: The New Order will be receiving a free beta key for the upcoming Doom video game. News of the Doom game was scarce along with how the beta will take place. Now Bethesda has confirmed that the beta will only be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. … Read more