Doom Details From QuakeCon 2014

Doom was on everyone’s minds for QuakeCon 2014. The news of a new Doom title being present during the event was revealed at this year’s E3 event. Fans of the series flooded the halls and into the arena while even more logged into the stream online. However, the stream was cut allowing only those who attended to see the gameplay footage. Furthermore, all cameras from those who attended was checked at the door. Here are the latest details about what was shown during the event.

We might not have a leaked video yet but there are several details that were released from fans who attended the Doom event. First off, Doom 4 will be titled as Doom in which will be more of a retake on the first video game. Gamers can expect the same brutal gameplay that the series is known for. The game is set outside a UAC research facility on Mars where demonic creatures are invading the facility.

Doom is nothing with out its brutal gameplay and the guns to back it. According to the video gameplay gamers witnessed, Doom will have a wide array of weapons to choose from. From the classic double barrel shotgun, plasma guns to chainsaws, if all else fails gamers can use their own hands where the protagonist ripped off limbs.

Doom will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC though no release date has been set.