New Quake Game Announced By Bethesda

The next game in line by id Software is a Quake title. id was recently successful in reincarnating Doom, which was released in May this year, and it seems like they have similar plans for Quake too. The new game called Quake Champions was given a brief preview at Bethesda’s ongoing press conference at E3. The game is described … Read more

This is Why Doomguy is the Perfect Video Game Hero

Author: Lee Levine Image credit: iD Software Doom‘s 2016 revival must surely be in the running for biggest surprise of the year. At one stage, id Software’s long-overdue shooter seemed like it was walking the same path as Duke Nukem Forever, a vapourware project that felt more like a myth than a game you could … Read more

John Romero Just Released His First New DOOM Level In Over 20 Years

John Romero is the godfather of the FPS. He founded id Software, and created DOOM in 1993 alongside John Carmack and Tom Hall. Romero’s resume includes games like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Quake, Daikatana, Heretic, Hexen, Dangerous Dave… the list goes on. Out of nowhere, Romero just released a brand new level for DOOM called “Tech … Read more

Doom Won’t Be Shown Off Until 2015

Looks like the few that attended QuakeCon 2014 was a very luck group as it seems that the game won’t be shown to the world until next year. The reason being, the developers are not confident that the game is ready for a formal showing and it won’t be ready anytime soon. Bethesda Softworks VP … Read more

Crytek Lead Graphic Engineer Leaves For id Software

The lead graphics engineer for Crytek, Tiago Sousa, has left the development team for id Software and the upcoming Doom video game. This departure announcement comes from Sousa himself through his Twitter. Happy to announce i’ll be helping the amazingly talented id Software team with Doom and idTech 6. Very excited :) — Tiago Sousa … Read more