The Secret World Of The People Who Hunt Video Game Secrets as a Job

Video gamer enthusiasts love uncovering secrets. Easter Eggs have been a crucial part of the video game experience for years – they are standard bonuses that we just love to find in every new release. Some even stay hidden for years. There is a wealth of information about certain video games secrets online. Ever wondered, … Read more

7 Hidden Easter Eggs In Games That You Weren’t Supposed To Find

Correction – We would like to apologize for the confusion regarding our description about the events that led to Romero’s head being present in the game. Our earlier description was highly inaccurate. We’ve now updated the article. When you’re part of a huge team working on a massive game, putting in crazy hours, barely sleeping, … Read more

6 Scary Videogame Easter Eggs That Will Give You Nightmares

As gamers we like the simple things in life. We also really like things that appear for no apparent reason in our games – or easter eggs as they are more affectionately known. Easter eggs don’t particularly hold any bearing on the game themselves, but they are pretty cool to find, that or they creep … Read more

7 Videogame Secrets that were meant to be Hidden Forever

Who doesn’t love the good ol “Easter Eggs” in videogames? Although many other mediums are known to feature them, videogames take the cake when it comes to being the most widespread and popular medium to feature them on a consistent basis. Developers love to pay homage in their own way to things they love or … Read more