10 best hidden objects in videogames that will take you forever to find

One of the most exciting activities when playing any video game is finding Easter Eggs. These can be hidden objects, secret levels, extra maps or references to other games.

Some of them are in plain sight while others lay concealed in hard to reach places and you’ll only be able to find them if you thoroughly explore a certain area or level. Because we like mystery, today we’ll be presenting a list of the best hidden objects that left gamers searching forever.

Men in Black Gun – Saints Row 4

secret roomIn the South-East part of the map there is a shop and a door that has to be blown up in order to descend some stairs and ultimately enter a secret room.

Here you can find a shooting range with the developers’ faces as targets and on one of the armchairs you’ll find a small gun called The Loud Locust that is directly referencing The Noisy Cricket, the weapon Will Smith uses in The Men in Black. For extra authenticity, every time the character uses this gun the recoil pushes him back exactly like in the movie.