The Secret World Of The People Who Hunt Video Game Secrets as a Job

Video gamer enthusiasts love uncovering secrets. Easter Eggs have been a crucial part of the video game experience for years – they are standard bonuses that we just love to find in every new release. Some even stay hidden for years.

There is a wealth of information about certain video games secrets online. Ever wondered, or wished, there was a dedicated community and site to finding the best game secrets, trivia, pointless information? Well, there is. Of course, there is. This is the internet after all.

The treasure trove where all video gamers can hoard their tid-bits of gaming knowledge and weird, unknown lore – whether it’s relatively known or super-secret. That site is called Did You Know Gaming? And it’s where you’ll find super dedicated community members committed to finding the very best of gaming knowledge.

Source: Markiplier Wiki - Wikia
Source: Markiplier Wiki – Wikia

The website has been covered in detail by here.

Finding information about video games, according to the sites founder Shane Gill, “can be either straightforward and quick, or troublesome and sluggish.” The resources of the internet are there for using, but game developers are simply getting better at hiding information.

If a gamer also wishes to find information that has been scrapped, if those files have been wiped then there is essentially nothing to find in the first place. The discussion then turns to conjecture and rumor.