Portal Easter Egg Found In Counter Strike:Global Offensive’s New Mode

Counter Strike: Global Offensive recently got its first real update in a long time – Danger Zone – a battle royale mode which promises “tactical gameplay” in a “fight to the finish.”

Credit: Valve

CS:GO fans have been returning to the much-loved game to give Danger Zone a try, and people have found something very interesting in the update…

A series of computers were found in the game, and it caused a bit of a frenzy within the Valve community as people speculated whether or not it meant a new Portal game might be coming.

Credit: Valve

A Portal-related code was uncovered in the game, hidden behind Room 3 of the in-game motel, and suddenly everyone believed it meant a Portal ARG is in the works.

As more and more CS:GO and Portal fans asked the Danger Zone devs what the references were all about, the official CS:GO account had to respond to the frenzy.

Credit: Valve

Unfortunately, it’s not good news for Portal fans, as the reference has been confirmed to be nothing more than an Easter egg.

Sorry, folks!

Still, it’s a nice little reference, and you can check out some of the theories and lore behind it in the video below.

YouTube video

Have you found this Easter egg in the new CS:GO mode?