Black Ops 4 Adds Microtransactions And They’re On Another Level

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 received pretty good reviews when it launched earlier this year, but the game is back in the headlines again right now – for all the wrong reasons.

It seems like Activision has decided to introduce one of the most-hated things in the world of gaming – microtransactions – and players aren’t happy.

Credit: Activision

The newly-introduced system, called COD Points, will allow you to purchase Nebulium Plasma in the game’s Zombies mode, and you’ll be able to access new Special Orders via the Black Market.

You’ll also be able to blast your way through the cosmetic Black Market tiers without all the grafting, and that’s just one of the things that’s really gotten to players.

Using microtransactions as a way to beat the graft is seen as pretty sneaky, as it gives people an entirely different perspective when playing. If there’s no hard work being put in on the dull bits, then you’re arguably getting a less authentic, but much easier experience.

Credit: Activision

Right now COD Points are live on the PlayStation 4 version of COD: Black Ops 4, and they’ll be coming to all other versions by the end of next week, according to Treyarch.

The internet has had a lot to say on the matter, specifically regarding the fact that Activision and Treyarch are introducing the mechanic weeks after the game first released – meaning all the reviews are already in, and microtransactions haven’t been factored into any of the scores.

What’s your opinion on microtransactions in Black Ops 4? Would you pay to avoid the grind?

Credit: Activision