Overwatch And COD: Blackout Could Be Going Free-To-Play Next Year

The massive success of free-to-play games that rely solely on microtransactions appears to have prompted more games companies to look into making their¬†titles free – at least according to one industry analyst. Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter wrote about the topic for¬†GamesIndustry, where he stated: “I think that the 18 Overwatch League owners have been assured … Read more

Red Dead Online Players Call For A Microtransaction Boycott

Red Dead Online has faced a lot of controversy since it launched last month. From its skewed economy that meant players were sinking hours into the game just to buy a tin of baked beans, to the usual issues with online gameplay, such as lag, griefers and server issues. It seems the controversy isn’t yet … Read more

Black Ops 4 Adds Microtransactions And They’re On Another Level

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 received pretty good reviews when it launched earlier this year, but the game is back in the headlines again right now – for all the wrong reasons. It seems like Activision has decided to introduce one of the most-hated things in the world of gaming – microtransactions – and … Read more

Why DLC & Microtransactions Will Never Go Away

Microtransactions are a hot topic among gamers. Some hate them while most don’t complain. It’s only when the microtransactions provide a competitive advantage does it rile everyone up, and it has been a rising trend in mobile gaming and free to play games. Many companies have adopted this strategy, and without a doubt, it’s a … Read more