Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has been quietly building hype for months. Fans of the series have been passing around rumours in hushed tones, excitedly awaiting a return to Aloy’s world. Such a stellar first game is setting some very high expectations for this sequel.

Here’s a round-up of all the rumours so far.

Credit – Sony/Guerrilla Games

What is Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

Even though it’s not actually been announced, ‘Horizon Zero Dawn 2’ (even the name is TBC) is meant to be a sequel to the PlayStation 4 exclusive game released in 2017.

Fans are hoping that it will tie up a number of loose threads following the Frozen Wilds expansion.

Its predecessor was a PS4 exclusive – fans thought that this game would follow this trend and be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

HOWEVER, a keen fan just spotted a PC listing on Amazon France (even though there’s still no release date). Is this proof that it’s coming to PC?

Credit – Sony/Guerrilla Games

When Is It Out?

Given it hasn’t been announced, we honestly have no idea when this game is coming out yet. However, if the rumour that it’s going to be a draw for gamers to pick up PS5 is real, we think it could be sooner than you think.

Considering the upcoming release of the PS5, it’s easy to make a few guesses. Lots of fans are thinking it might be a launch title for the new console.

We suspect that it might be, or at least arrive in the early months of 2021 to try and get new users of the PS5 interested in the franchise!

Again, there’s been no official word yet, so make sure you keep an eye on their social media for the latest.

Credit – Sony/Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 News – What is the Latest?

Guerrilla Games and Sony have been suspiciously quiet regarding new information on the game.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed a job listing at Guerrilla Games last November for a ‘Technical Vegetation Artist’. This seems like fairly strong proof that the sequel is already in production, considering how the first game was absolutely packed with all sorts of detailed foliage.

Credit – Sony/Guerrilla Games

Janina Gavankar, best known in the gaming world for playing Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2, also claims she knows some secrets about the upcoming project.

She spoke at Star Wars Celebration and seemingly teased her own role in the game: ‘It’s incredible, wait ’til you see the sequel. You’re gonna die – I know some secrets! – you’re gonna die.’

One thing we know for certain – Aloy’s world has so much left to give us. We can’t wait to return to the fully explorable world – there are so many mysteries left to uncover. Hopefully, it’ll be just as long as the first one because we can’t get enough!

Featured Image Credit – Sony/Guerrilla Games