Female CS:GO Icon Could Be Jailed for 116 Years for Embezzlement

A globally famous ex-CS:GO star has allegedly been charged with larceny and embezzlement, yet she publicly denies those claims against her.

Former Brazilian CS:GO player Shayene “shAy” Victorio has been reportedly sentenced to over a lifetime of imprisonment – that’s 116 years in prison on charges of embezzlement. This conviction relates back to a five year time period back in 2013-2017 during which she ran a business with her ex-partner.

ShAy here reminds the public that she is “innocent until proven guilty” in the face of larceny and embezzlement charges.

Pro-gamer-turned-influencer, shAy has had more than her time in the limelight, but I’m guessing this is one show where she’d rather not be the centre of attention. The Brazilian public in particular are angry with her – especially those who claim to have been “scammed” by her former online business – and many “fake pages to attack her, simply for the purpose of gossip and malevolence” have since popped up, says Brazilian website Tvefamosos.

ShAy has been denying the claims against her across her influential social media accounts, declaring to her fans that she’s no criminal, hasn’t been arrested and passes all blame onto her ex-husband.


ShAy is said to have changed the face of esports for pro female gamers, but in an unexpected twist could now be jailed for being the exact opposite of a positive role model.

ShAy played Counter-Strike professionally for 11 years from 2008 right through to the latest edition of the game until 2019. She helped to pave the way for women in CS esports, playing for many popular teams like mibr Girls, paiN Girls, Team One RED, and most recently Keyd Stars Female. The player’s gaming talent is shown too in the fact that she also holds three GamersClub Women’s League titles.

Credit: IG @shayenevictorio

Retiring from her professional gaming CS career in May 2019 and turning her attention more to her Influencing, it looks like she’s now unexpectedly retired from that too in the wake of these allegations.

This Tweet from shAy’s Twitter account was on March 4 2020 and is the last that she’s made. It tells her followers that she is going to delete the app to focus on her mental health, expressing that she currently feels very hurt.

If the charges against Shayene Victorio are proven, it’s looking like shAy would be getting out of prison around 2050 because Brazilian law states that no sentence greater than 30 years may be served.

Featured image credit: IG @shayenevictorio