Say Goodbye To These Popular Guns In Apex Legends New Season

Apex Legends will be reserving the Alternator and Spitfire guns to Care Packages in the upcoming Emergence Update. Apex Legends players know not to get too attached to weapons. Weapon selection is altered with every new season, so change is always expected. We’ve seen guns like the Peacekeeper or the Prowler locked behind Care Packages … Read more

Apex Legends Emergence Sees Big Buff For Caustic

Apex Legends’ upcoming new season, titled Emergence, is buffing Caustic in a significant way. Apex Legends fans may be keen to try out the new Legend Seer when he arrives next week. However, as is tradition with a new season, a host of buffs and nerfs are arriving for the previous Legends. While there are … Read more

Apex Legends Seer

Apex Legend Developer Addresses New Legend ‘Seer’ Balancing Worries

Will Apex’s new Legend be overpowered? Developer of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, has addressed potential Seer balancing worries. The latest season of Apex Legends is upon us, and that means it is time for a new Legend. The newest addition to the roster of 18 Legends is Seer. We got a snapshot of Seer’s new … Read more

Apex Legends: Emergence Gets New Trailer

Apex Legends has dropped a new trailer for its upcoming 10th season, which is titled Emergence. Apex Legends has gone from strength to strength over the last two years. We’ve seen it boost its Legend count from eight to 18, introduce an additional two maps and even a round-based multiplayer mode outside of Battle Royale. … Read more