New Apex Legends Gun Leaked In Event Trailer

A new Apex Legends gun leaked last night, after its name slipped its way into a new trailer released by Respawn Entertainment.

The developer are known for playing its cards close to its chest. While leaks appear here or there, for the most part, Apex Legends is a tight ship. But a recent trailer changed that as players noticed a mysterious name cropping up in a weapons description. The name detailed the R301 assault rifle as the “Nemesis Burst AR”, which perplexed many fans.

However, Respawn themselves stepped up to the matter admitting that they had messed up. The name didn’t belong to the R301, but a new weapon coming to the game. You can check out the slip up in the Evolution Collection Event trailer.

YouTube video


Apex Legends has steadily built up a wide range of weapons, which all feel unique. With original weapons as well as some from the Titanfall games, fans enjoy debating over the ever-shifting meta. We even worked up a guide on the best guns you should currently be using. One of the guns included was the Rampage, which was introduced at the start of Season 10.

The leak of the new Nemesis Burst AR, did excite many, but sadly it doesn’t look like it will be coming to the game any time soon. Stepping up to own the companies mistakes, Director of Comms at Respawn, Ryan K. Rigney, admitted that the new gun is “not actually ready for release any time soon“.
Credit Twitter

It’s hard to imagine how the name managed to slip its way into a publicly released trailer. I’d imagine that someone in the Respawn offices is getting a telling off right now.


Despite knowing nothing other than the name, there are some tidbits to take from this new weapon. For one being an AR, it will join the likes of the Havoc, R301 and L-Star. Obviously enough, “burst” indicates that it will rival the Hemlok, as the second burst assault rifle in the game. The image in the trailer is not the new rifle, but just tthe R301, so any hints on the design of the new rifle are yet to be seen.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

With Rigley stating that the new weapons was nowhere near ready, I reckon we’ll possibly see it with the launch of Season 12. We are nearly half way through the 10th season, and since the Rampage was just added it would make sense for Season 11 to miss out on a new weapon.

Do you think we’ve got another contender for favourite AR? Or are you just gonna keep slaugtering with the L-Star and R301? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Feature Image Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment/ MP1st