Sony’s PlayStation Line-Up Reminds Us Why We Love Games

Gamers were eating good last night as the PlayStation Showcase packed a lot more punch than anyone was truly expecting.

Sony have been on the backfoot as of late, as Xbox have lead the charge as a service for gamers. With a big focus on Game Pass, many grew tired in Sony insistance of high price points. They even backtracked on the paid PS5 upgrade for Horizon Fobidden West after many took issue.

However, last night’s PlayStation Showcase really reminded everyone why they love games. This was a spectacular show filled with superheroes, old classics, and even a gravely voiced God.

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Sony really set the bar high when the first game they showed off was a remake of cult favourite, Knights of the Old Republic. This Star Wars RPG is what many fans have been yearning for. It’s a timed exclusive for PS5, but should hopefully make its way over to the other platforms eventually.

While the show meandered for a while, showing off games such as Alan Wake, Forspoken and Deathloop (again), its final act was something to behold.

Credit: Game Informer

Showing off the PlayStation Studios and Insominiac Games logos, everyone assumed the next game was Spiderman 2. However, in a surprise reveal, it turned out to be Marvel’s Wolverine. There is a lot of potential in a Wolverine game, but I’ll be curious how far the game goes with its rating and violence. Do we need to see limbs fly? I think I’d like so. Marvel’s Wolverine is said to be in early development, so I’d think it would be 2024 before this one is launched.


Credit: Screen Rant

To even further dupe its audiences, Insomniac appeared once again, this time for something a little more familiar. Spider-Man 2 was revealed to feature Peter Parker and Miles Morales, going up against Venom. I don’t think many people saw this coming after The Wolverine reveal. It also means that Insomniac are working on two huge games exclusively for PlayStation.

I’ll be really interested to see how the game implements its dual protagonists. The game is said to be a single player narrative, but could we see some form of co-op work its way into this sequel? We won’t know for a while however, as Spider-Man 2 won’t launch until 2023.

Credit: Sony/ Santa Monica Studios

Lastly, and the least surprising of them all, we got our first look at God of War Ragnarok. This visual showcase takes place years after the 2018 reboot. It features new locations, enemies, an older Atreus, and villains Frea and Thor. With a new director at the helm, Ragnarok has a lot to live up to. However, with all nine realms reportedly making their way into this game, it already has a bed of content fans have been dying to see.

The showcase was a superb reminder of why we all love games. And that’s without mentioning that we got new looks at Guardians of the Galaxy, Alan Wake Remastered, and a Gran Turismo 7 among others. Sony are proving its power with first person titles. And one things for sure, gamers are eating good right now.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/ Insomniac Games