Warzone Is Expected To Become Word War II Themed Later This Year

A content tie in with this year’s Call of Duty release is expected to take Warzone right back to the days of World War II.

Credit: Activision

A new report suggests that Activision will not showcase the new Call of Duty at E3 2021 this year. Instead, the WWII themed game developed by Sledgehammer Games, codenamed ‘Vanguard, will be teased later in the summer. It’s expected to tie into Warzone significantly, just like the Black Ops Cold War launch did [via VGC].

Verdansk ‘84 only changed up the Warzone map marginally. With Vanguard, the team at Sledgehammer has apparently created an entirely new map for the Battle Royale. It’s supposedly set in the Pacific theatre of war.

Battlefield V’s Wake Island was also set in in the Pacific – Credit: EA/DICE

The Cold War update for Warzone arrived six months after the launch of the new Black Ops game. Warzone’s Vanguard update is expected to release alongside the new game before the end of the year.

Apparently, Sledgehammer has had much more time to work on the Warzone updates in comparison to Treyarch with the Cold War additions. Vanguard is using the same engine that was used in Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare. That means Warzone and Vanguard should have far fewer technical hitches in their cross-over content, an issue that plagued the Cold War update at launch.

Credit: Activision

Is it time for Battlefield vs COD again?

Call of Duty finds itself in a strange position this year as its main competitor, Battlefield, has opted to go for a modern/futuristic setting in Battlefield 2042.

That said, DICE has said that there are currently no plans to implement a Battle Royale mode into the new Battlefield. With many Warzone fans betting on moving over to Battlefield this year, they’ll have to keep their hopes up for this new Vanguard integration.

A trailer for Warzone Season 4 is expected to drop tonight at the first Summer Games Fest event. The fan-favourite shooter recently saw a crossover with the hottest ‘80s action heroes, Rambo and John McClane.

Credit: Activision

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[Featured Image Credit: Activision]

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