Twitch Now Has A More Reliable Way To Make Money Through Streaming

Twitch has announced a brand new way for streamers to make money from streaming on the platform. As reported by GameSpot, this new feature allows streamers to benefit from reliable ad revenue incentives. As it stands, Twitch streamers currently rely on revenue from adverts played during their streams. They can push ad breaks manually if … Read more

woofy hair

Twitch Streamer’s Hair Catches On Fire During Stream

One Twitch streamer has a pretty terrifying experience live on stream recently when their hair caught fire. The streamer, called Woofy, was streaming Pokemon card openings in the “Just Chatting” section of Twitch. When they leaned over to grab a sleeve for one of their cards, something must have come in contact with her hair. … Read more

Twitch Streamer Loses Work Because Of ‘Squid Game’

A popular Twitch streamer has been losing work as a result of her username being the same as the popular Netflix show Squid Game. Squid Game was released in September 2021, and it’s currently the talk of the internet. We’ve seen everything from knock-off video games to Squid Game cryptocurrency scams suddenly appearing. The popularity … Read more

Twitch Receives Criticism For Withholding Payouts From Streamers

A Twitch streamer has highlighted an issue with the livestreaming website withholding payouts. Sobha, who has around 4000 followers on the platform, took to Twitter to voice her concern about Twitch refusing to pay her. She said “Twitch is holding my payouts due to suspicious activity“. “Maybe I can’t get your attention as I’m not … Read more