Twitch Streamer’s Hair Catches On Fire During Stream

One Twitch streamer has a pretty terrifying experience live on stream recently when their hair caught fire.

The streamer, called Woofy, was streaming Pokemon card openings in the “Just Chatting” section of Twitch. When they leaned over to grab a sleeve for one of their cards, something must have come in contact with her hair. And when they returned, their hair was literally on fire.

Woofy was quick to realise what was going on, and thankfully the fire was put out within seconds. However, it could have been a lot worse.

The clip was posted on r/LivestreamFail, a forum where users post clips of things going wrong on different livestreams.

What Caused The Fire?

Although Woofy’s Twitch viewers probably joined her channel to watch some Pokemon card content, they were quick to notify Woofy that her hair was alight. One viewer even posted a surprised Pikachu emote in chat.

It’s currently unknown what caused Woofy’s hair to catch on fire like that. However, despite Reddit’s jokey claims of flamethrowers off-camera, it’s more likely Woofy had hairspray in her hair and accidentally leaned too close to a burning candle or something.

Naturally, Woofy was shocked, as were her viewers. Although it may seem like a safe hobby or profession, streaming still comes with its own dangers. And it looks like we’ll have to add catching fire to that list now.

woofy hair

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Featured Image Credit: Woofy