Twitch Now Has A More Reliable Way To Make Money Through Streaming

Twitch has announced a brand new way for streamers to make money from streaming on the platform.

As reported by GameSpot, this new feature allows streamers to benefit from reliable ad revenue incentives. As it stands, Twitch streamers currently rely on revenue from adverts played during their streams. They can push ad breaks manually if they have certain partner or affiliate status. However, a fluctuating view count means that this is rarely a reliable source of income each month. Viewers using AdBlock also generate no income.

Twitch announced this new feature in one of its blog posts. It says, “We know how important reliable monthly income is to creators. That’s why, today, we’re introducing predictability into a revenue source that rarely provides it: ads.”

Credit: Twitch

How does the new Twitch system work?

The new ad revenue program is based upon incentives – stream for a specific number of hours in a month while running ads and receive a flat pay-out. “The goal is simple: help you earn a more predictable monthly income through ads, with no ceiling on earning potential,” says Twitch.

Streamers can view their incentive progression inside the Twitch dashboard. An early mock-up of the interface shows that streamers could be able to claim $500 for 40-hours of streaming in a month. That’s if they run two minutes of ads during each of those 40 hours. The pay-out can increase up to $1,000 if they run up to four minutes of ads each hour.

Twitch notes that the incentive system will be personalised per streamer. That means larger streamers will likely receive a bigger pay-out than smaller ones. The feature is also only currently being offered to select Partner and Affiliate accounts. This additional revenue will be awarded on top of the usual ad revenue that they see each month.


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