Twitch Receives Criticism For Withholding Payouts From Streamers

A Twitch streamer has highlighted an issue with the livestreaming website withholding payouts.

Sobha, who has around 4000 followers on the platform, took to Twitter to voice her concern about Twitch refusing to pay her. She said “Twitch is holding my payouts due to suspicious activity“.

Maybe I can’t get your attention as I’m not a big streamer” she says, “but this is interfering with small streamers’ livelihood“.


It’s worrying for people who rely on the platform that Twitch can prevent people from being paid for seemingly no reason. Hopefully Sobha’s issue can be resolved, but this is a bigger problem than one streamer. If others are affected by similar problems, the platform could become a lot less reliable for people who make a living by streaming.

Automated Responses

Twitch hasn’t properly responded to the payouts problem. And when you have a company as big as Twitch, it can be difficult to get their attention.

Sobha says that she’s only received a series of automated responses. I’m sure we all know how unhelpful those can be, and it shows Twitch doesn’t have a proper system in place to prevent people losing out on money they may need.


Getting to a place where you’re making decent money as a streamer is difficult. You need to be able to hook an audience and keep them entertained for hours. It’s also a very packed platform, so it’s very hard to stand out among the crowd. And even when you get there, it seems Twitch can refuse to pay you and not explain why. Hopefully this issue is fixed going forwards.

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Featured Image Credit: Twitch