Twitch Hack Leaks Payout Information

Reports are flooding in that a Twitch hack has lead to a 125GB torrent leaking everything in the platforms source code.

VGC reported that Twitch’s entire source code has been leaked. An anonymous post on 4Chan this morning (6th of October), make the source code public. The anonymous hacker claimed that they had hacked the platform to ” foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space”. They also labelled the platform’s community as a “disgusting toxic cesspool”.

VGC claims that an anonymous company source told their reporters that the leaked Twitch data is legitimate, including the source code. They state that Twitch is aware of the breach, and it’s believed that the data was obtained as recently as Monday.


The source code has been published publicly. This means that anyone on the 4Chan thread will be able to comb through 125GB of personal information. Among the data is everything from pay out information to encrypted passwords. For obvious reason, I won’t be sharing a link to the thread here.

Credit: Twitch


If you are a Twitch users, I’d change your passwords and activate two-factor authentication. There is even mention of an unreleased Steam competitor, codenamed Vapor, from Amazon Game Studios.

The Twitch hack revealed that some of the top Twitch streamers earned millions from the platform. Among them is the likes of NICKMERCS, Dr Lupo and Shroud. NICKMERCS just announced a two-year deal where he will remain exclusive to Twitch. This counters others like TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo who moved over to YouTube Gaming. I wonder if he is regretting that decision this morning.

Credit: Twitter

In the anonymous post, the hacker closed things out with #DoBetterTwitch. Twitch has come under fire in recent months for its unwillingness to tackle its often toxic community. The Twitch community have recently endured horrific hate raids, which flooded streamers chats with homophobic and racist comments. It eventually led to a day were various streamers and viewers took the day off the platform in protest. Twitch did eventually announce that it was suing two people for instigating hate raids.

The hacker did state that this latest leak was only “part one”. They did not hint as to what a second leak would contain.

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Featured Image Credit: Twitch