Twitch Is Suing Two Hate Raiders After Many Demand Action

Twitch is suing two hate raiders, after streamers and viewers demand the platform take action for the ongoing issue.

Twitch streamers and viewers led a protest titled ‘A Day Off Twitch’ last week. This saw streamers and viewers avoid the platform for the day, in the hope to convince Twitch into taking action against hate raiding. The protest resulted in a 10-15% delay, and it seems to have had a desired effect.

Twitch have announced that it will be suing two individuals in suspicion of instigating hate raids.

Credit: Tech Crunch


Raids were originally meant to be a friendly feature, where one streamer could flood viewers into another. This was seen a highly positive way for large streamers to gift smaller ones. In recent months, we saw the 1047 Games team behind Splitgate raid a dedicated Splitgate streamer, much to their amazement.

However, in recent months, there has been a worrying increase in “hate raids” which typically bring hurtful and damaging language into the chats of LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC stramers. For so long, Twitch failed to take any meaningful action, despite addressing that more needed to be done. A recent update introduced new moderator settings, which made tackling hostile chats easier.

Credit: Tech Advisor

It seems as though the strike has urged Twitch on, as it has started a lawsuit with two Twitch users. Known only as CreatineOverdose and CruzzControl, Eurogamer reported that they had constantly evaded bans with new accounts. However, the lawsuit hopes to find some way to legally refuse the two from using the service. Twitch have stated that the two will only continue to “harass and disrupt” communities, through the use of hate raids.

We’ve still got some way to go before we know if Twitch’s lawsuit will be successful. However, it is certainly a step in the right direction. And one that will hopefully lead to Twitch becoming a safe environment for marginalised streamers once more.

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