Valorant Twitch Figures Rise Massively This Week

Twitch figures for Valorant soared this week amid a new content drop, but Fortnite failed to inspire as it fell down the charts.

Valorant has had a great week on Twitch as it soared up to third place. It fell only behind GTA V (which even saw a 5% boost), and the immovable Just Chatting. With a 54.2% rise in viewers, Valorant was just shy of 25 million viewers, which it can thank its new map for. Just last week Valorant players were treated to Fracture, which was the game’s first divided map design. The update also made some changes for characters like Brimstone.

On the other side of the scale was Fortnite. Despite fearturing its own live event in light of Season 8, viewing rates fell. Dropping by 23.3%, it fell down to eigth place and just slimly beat out Call of Duty Warzone, but lost to Counter Strike.

Credit: PC Invasion


Valorant’s rise even saw Twitch giant League of Legends lose its third place spot. League dropped 15.1% and had a full million viewers less than Valorant. Apex Legends remained in fifth place, with a 5.5% rise. I was a little surprised with Apex holding its position, considering that the controversial removal of tap-strafing came into effect this week. However, it also launched its new collection event, which accidentally leaked a future weapon.

After holding its top five position for a few weeks, Minecraft has finally dropped into sixth place. This comes after a 7.5% drop, bringing the viewers to 17.4 million. Suprisingly, despite its multiplayer reveal and PlayStation beta, Call of Duty Vanguard failed to make it inside to top 45. Maybe we will see that change as Xbox and PC players will also be able to play from this weekend.

Credit: Sports Pro

Dota 2 snuck its way into the top ten this week, with a 24.1% increase. In a recent BBC report, semi-professional female Dota 2 streamer Bette Chai explained how she struggled to maintain a living from the game. This report also revealed that only two female players make up the 680 highest-earners in esports. Cloud 9 White are hoping to change that as they challenge the highest echelon of gaming.

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Featured Image Credit: Riot Games