Valorant Update Brings New Map, Buffs And Battle Pass

The latest Valorant update is bringing huge buffs for Brimstone, Breach and Sova.

New content via Valorant updates have come few and far between as of late. But with the launch of Act 3 Episode 2, it provides the game an opportunity to breath life into it once more. The latest update brings a ton of content with it, including a brand new battle pass.

Riot Games is aiming to shake up the meta with the the latest Valorant update. And with unique map and host of character buffs, I think it actually will.

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A Fractured Game

The latest Valorant update features a new map titled Fracture, which looks like divided chaos. The map is made up of defender territory that is “as divided as the map itself“. The new map also feature “the first ever interactive narrative objects“.

With its H-shaped design, Fracture may demand new strategy. With two bomb sites, and ziplines underneath the map, opportunity to push and flank enemies. This is the first map to be added since Breeze, in Episode 2.

Credit: Polygon

You’ll be able to grind the new map, as Riot has added a Fractured-only playlist for the next two weeks. That will also give players time to get a good start on the new battle pass. This battle pass includes some pretty nice looking skins, including the Spectrum skin in collaboration with songwriter Zedd.

YouTube video

Shifting the meta are changing coming to characters Brimstone, Sova and Breach. Their abilities will now deal damage to various gadgets placed around the map. This leans into a slightly more realistic and fairer experience. Players are still trying to come to grips with the newest character Kay/O.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 goes live today, so you can check out the new map and gameplay changes right now. You can read the full patch notes here.

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Featured Image Credit: Riot Games