Esports Has Never Been Sweatier Than In Stardew Valley Tournament

Stardew Valley made its unexpected debut into esports recently, and its tournament turned into a surprisingly sweaty affair.

Announced just a few weeks ago, the Stardew Valley tournament isn’t your typical esports title. We all know the esports rings that surround the likes of Call of Duty, Rainbow Siege and Apex Legends. However, Stardew Valley decided to kick off with a $40k tournament.

Taking place on September 4th, the tournament took a sweaty turn as Stardew Valley speedrunners faced off.

Credit: ConcernedApe


Developer Concerned Ape and Stardew Valley content creator UnsurpassableZ banded together to launch the tournament. Four teams of “dedicated players” faced off against each other in the $40k tournament, using speed running tactics.

This changed the chilled farming RPG into an intense match of skill, animation cancelling and farming tactics. And across its four hours, Sandy’s Candies came out on top with 661 points. This meant that the team walked away with a cool $28k.

During the livestream, Barone was asked whether new marriage candidates would make their way into the game. However, the solo developer stated “Right now, I am focused on my next game”.

YouTube video

With near 100,000 views on the Twitch livestream, there is clearly a lot of love for Stardew Valley. However, Barone doesn’t think that it is an esports title from here on out. It seems as though this tournament was more for the fun of it than anything else. However, winning $28k is more than a bit of fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if more players fancied taking part in a similar Stardew Valley competition. We’ll just need to wait and see whether the community will dial up the sweat once more.

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Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe