PewDiePie Visited By Police After Buying Illegal Item From Wish

PewDiePie was visited by the police recently after purchasing an illegal item on the online website Wish. PewDiePie, who has the most YouTube subscribers for any independent creator, has made videos on pretty much everything at this point. His latest video showed him purchasing some items from the popular online store Wish. The site has … Read more

MrBeast Has Helped YouTuber Gain Over $400,000 In A Month

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has helped a YouTuber gain over $400,000 from videos in a month after sharing guidance. MrBeast is a well-known face on the internet, with his YouTube videos racking up colossal view counts. He’s also known for how much he gives away, and now it seems that he’s giving away his expert guidance … Read more

Pokimane Could Be Leaving Twitch And Switching To A New Platform Soon

Pokimane has suggested that she could be leaving Twitch, and could potentially be streaming on YouTube in the future. Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, amassing a huge fanbase on the platform. However, her contract with Twitch has officially ended, meaning she is free to evaluate her options. While her time with … Read more

Logan Paul Denies He Faked The $3.5m Pokemon Card Scandal

Logan Paul has denied claims that he faked the $3.5 million Pokemon card scandal for content on his YouTube channel. Logan Paul first revealed he had spent $3.5 million on a 1st Edition Base Set of Pokemon cards in December 2021. He later cracked them open in a separate video, where it was revealed that … Read more

Hasbulla Wants To Have A Fight With Logan Paul

Hasbulla has challenged the internet sensation Logan Paul to a fight in a hilarious viral video. Hasbulla, who also goes by the name ‘Mini Khabib’, rose to fame on TikTok thanks to collaborations with UFC stars. The short king is only 3ft 3 inches tall due to an unknown condition, so he’s obviously no real … Read more

Content Creator Profiles And YouTube Channels Stolen, Sold As NFTs

Content creators have had their profiles and YouTube channels stolen to be sold as NFTs as the trend hits an all-time low. Among the profiles stolen includes Stephanie Sterling, host, and owner of the Jim Sterling YouTube channel. As well as content creator Saberspark. Sadly, it doesn’t end there. “So, somebody minted my YouTube channel … Read more

Logan Paul $3.5 Million Pokémon Cards Confirmed As Fakes

The collection of “1st Edition” sealed Pokémon Cards purchased for a whopping $3.5 million by Logan Paul have been confirmed as fakes. Social media star Logan Paul made a big splash within the Pokémon community by spending big more on rare cards. The big splash involved the purchases of ‘rare’ 1st Edition cards. However, last … Read more