Twitch Charts For This Week: Warzone Pushed Out Of Top 10

The Warzone Twitch ratings slipped this week, resulting in the battle royale falling out of the Top 10 for the first time in months.

Warzone has been steadily declining in recent months, amid ongoing cheating issues. However, Activision has been clamping down on cheaters, claiming to have recently banned another 100,000 players. This, too, comes after streamers like NICKMERCS returned to the battle royale. However, the disappointing Numbers Event may have bored players out of the game.

The result saw Warzone was edged out into 11th place, on a 7.1% decline. That comes behind Diablo II: Resurrected, which saw a 25.7k% rise on its launch, beating Warzone out by roughly 700,000 viewers.

Credit: Activision/ Charlie Intel


For those that managed to hold on to top ten spots, there were a lot of falling numbers. Fortnite sat in 9th place with a 16.9% decline, roughly matching Diablo’s numbers. It looks like the Balenciaga drip wasn’t enough to keep players interested. Valorant, which saw a huge surge in recent weeks dropped to 6th place on 46.2% decline. Even Minecraft dropped a measly 1.3%, whilst holding 5th place. That might be due to those upset that PewDiePie isn’t making a return to the game.

Credit: Metro

The two big winners of this week were Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 22. FIFA 22 recently launched into early access, allowing EA Play subscribers 10 hours of play before launching on Sunday (26th). I expect this will drop drastically in the coming weeks. Showing its staying power, GTA V held the 2nd spot behind the Just Chatting category. Even with a 11.8% decline, GTA V still held an 8.1 million viewer lead with 32.5 million.

Apex Legends and Counter Strike saw some decent jumps. Apex rose by 28.4% and Counter Strike by 40.7%. placing in both 7th and 8th position. Apex’s numbers defied TimTheTatman, who recently stated he was done with the game. However, a recent collection event is likely somewhat responsible for the rise.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision