Big Changes Are Coming To These Two Heroes In Overwatch 2

Big changes are coming to Overwatch 2, as Blizzard recently outlined massive reworks for Bastion and Sombra.

Overwatch 2 feels as though it has had as long a development period as Cyberpunk 2077. Despite only being revealed in 2019, Blizzard’s scattered info drops have really stretched out the wait for some fans. Recent reports claimed that the game may arrive sometimes in the Spring of 2022.

We already know that Overwatch 2 will feature changes to its PvP such as 5v5. However, Blizzard recently posted revealing some of the changes in store for two of its heroes. Both Sombra and Bastion were at the centre of the changes, and aim to spice up the play of these heroes.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment


First up was hacking hero Sombra. Sombra’s rework will effectively boost her damage output, while working in tandem with her hacking abilities. The hacking cooldown has been significantly reduced, but its duration has also been reduced. To counter this however, Sombra will not have two elements in her hack.

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The first will be familiar for Overwatch 1 fans, as it allows her to disable abilities, but now just for one second. The second part, however, will reveal hacked enemies to Sombra and her team behind walls. The big damage buff comes with her passive, which allows her to do 50% more damage to hacked targets. Sombra’s ultimate will now deal damage of up to 40% instead of simple destroying shields. Partnered with her damage buff, she could tear through enemies. Keeping things sneaky, Sombra will also be able to hack and remain invisible.


Sombra isn’t the only one getting a damage buff, as Bastion looks like a bonafide machine now. I mean, he is a machine, but you get what I mean. Along with his modern redesign and cute hat, the Overwatch team are realigning Bastion to be more damage centric. For one, hsi healing ability is gone, and is replaced by an alt-fire blast. You’ll be able to fire a ricochet blast, that sticks to enemies and has a huge blast radius.

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Bastion’s recon-form weapon will not feature any kind of spread. This will allow players to lean into a “pseudo-sniper” style of play, as you pick of enemies from afar. Bastion’s tank ultimate is gone, in place of a new artillery mode. Artillery mode allows players to pick three point within range to drop high-damage artillery.

The most exciting of all, is the change made to Bastion’s sentry mode. Transforming into a massive sentry gun, Bastion will now be able to move in the mode, albeit at a reduced speed. I doubt many players will want to find themselves in front of this thing.

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Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment