The Last Of Us 2 Multiplayer Is Only Just Beginning To Hire

Fans have been wanting multiplayer for The Last Of Us Part 2. But it seems like they’ll still have some time to wait.

Naughty Dog celebrated The Last Of Us Day over the weekend. It is a yearly celebration, marked by the supposed start date of the apocalypse in the 2013 classic. Each year fans are accustomed to new merch, which spans statues, vinyls, guitar straps, bags and more.

This year many grew excited over the first image for The Last Of Us HBO show starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. However, something even more interesting slipped by in the Naughty Dog community letter. Naughty Dog are in the “full swing” of hiring for its multiplayer project, which is equally exciting and disappointing.

Credit: Naughty Dog


The Last Of Us Factions is the multiplayer component to the original game. Factions seems like a tack-on at the time, however, turned out to be an excellently tense multiplayer experience. I’ve sunk at least 150 hours into its multiplayer, and it easily remains among my top multiplayer games of all time. It’s that good.

Factions has enjoyed active lobbies since its release, and many were thrilled to see a follow-up announced. Set to arrive alongside The Last Of Us Part II, the multiplayer component was eventually delayed.

Since, we have heard very little on the multiplayer project, with many beginning to believe we’d never get it. However, the community letter directly addressed the multiplayer project. In its community letter, Naughty Dog stated:


“we’ve been busy growing our team inside the kennel since The Last of Us Part II launched and are currently in full swing of hiring for MP-related positions (hint hint)

Credit: Naughty Dog


Looking on the Naughty Dog site there are currently 61 open positions across both single player and multiplayer. With roles like Senior Monetization/ Economy Designer, it seems that like Factions, The Last Of Us multiplayer will be hear to stay, albeit on purpose this time.

It’s great to see so much emphasis put on this multiplayer project. With rumours of Battle Royale, and with the aid of current-gen tech, there is no telling, where the multiplayer could go. However, after all this time, it is disappointing to see that Naughty Dog are just hiring for the project. These may be additional staff coming into to see out the final push of development – one can dream.


Naughty Dog has stated that they need time for this “ambitious project”, and that more will be revealed when they are ready.

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Feature Image Credit: Naughty Dog