Are Halo Infinite’s Grenades Too Weak? One Player Has Discovered A Fix

Amid the second technical preview this weekend, one player noticed Halo Infinite has really weak grenades. And they set out to fix it.

Halo Infinite allows players to fight against each other for the first time this weekend. Unlike the T-Bagging bots from the previous test, fighting actual opponents allows Infinite to shine. I tried out the test this weekend, and fell in love with the feel of gameplay. Oh and the grapple hooks. I love a grapple hook.

However, not everything was in order as one fan noticed that grenades featured very little kickback. Luckily for us, this player discovered how to fix Halo Infinite’s weak grenades.

Credit: 343 Industries


The “weak” part in questions, wasn’t the grenades damage output. Instead, Reddit user Infenty, focused on the lack of kickback. Kickback allows players to use the grenade to push them further. This was a technique used heavily in Titanfall 2, partnered with its grappling and sliding mechanics.

However, in the case of Halo, it could be used to reach higher ledges. In a clip posted on Reddit by Infenty, they revealed that the lack of power behind the grenades, was because power was essentially turned off. Luckily, by jumping into the settings, players can just turn on grenade kickback. The default settings sit at -10%, however, players can ramp that all the way to -150%. In the clip, Infenty showcased that the setting changed allow them to reach a ledge that was previous out of reach.

Credit: Reddit

This tactics can be incredibly useful for a game like Halo, where players are constantly keeping on the move. Much like Titanfall 2, partnering grenades with the new Halo grapple, will allow players to really play with the maps.


Players wanting to try out this new setting can do so this weekend, as the technical preview continues. Those holding off till the launch, however, can start picking up select Pringles tubes to earn double XP.

Will you try and counter the weak grenades in Halo Infinite this weekend? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries