Here’s A Roundup Of All The Latest Halo Infinite Reviews

The Halo Infinite campaign is finally here! We’ve spent plenty of hours getting stuck into the Halo Infinite multiplayer, but it’s finally time to see what the campaign has to offer. Thinking about picking up the Halo Infinite campaign for yourself? Here’s a roundup of what the reviews are saying about it. What is the … Read more

Halo Infinite Subreddit Closed Over Weekend Due To Toxicity

The Halo Infinite subreddit became so toxic that the moderators decided to shut it down for the entire weekend. The Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta released early a few weeks ago much to the delight of Halo fans. Much of the player base appears to be enjoying its time with it, though the game isn’t without … Read more

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Guide: How To Make The Most Of Equipment

Halo Infinite multiplayer has been out for a while now and players have been getting to grips with all the new equipment in the game. Equipment is a returning feature from Halo 3. They’re the ability pick-ups on the map, like the grappling hook or thruster, and they offer a whole new dynamic in multiplayer. … Read more

The Best Moments In Halo Campaign History

Halo campaigns are known for having some of the best moments in gaming. Here’s a round up of just a few of our favourite Infinite is right around the corner. So, what better time than now to look back at the Halo series, and list the greatest twists and biggest gameplay moments from the past? … Read more

Halo Infinite Adds Daily XP Bonuses To Help With Progression

The XP progression in Halo Infinite has received a lot of criticism recently. Now, 343 Industries has added additional XP for daily matches to help players out. The new system aims to give players a better chance at levelling up their battle pass quickly. Unyshek, Halo’s Community Manager, made a tweet explaining how it works. … Read more