Check out this real life Halo SPNKR Rocket Launcher

Someone made a real, working rocket launcher based on the iconic SPNKR from the Halo series, and it looks incredible. The engineer behind the project is a YouTuber called Jairus of All. He created a video showcasing the weapon, even giving it to a guy dressed as Master Chief for a test fire. But don’t … Read more

Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op is finally coming soon

Over six months after the game launched, Halo Infinite is finally getting campaign co-op in a new update. 343 Industries recently announced that the game will be receiving a two week long beta for campaign co-op. It’ll be running from July 11th to July 22nd, and anyone who owns the game has access to it. … Read more

Master Chief Just Had Sex For The First Time

Halo fans have had a wild ride watching the new TV show. Believe it or not, Master Chief just had sex. The Halo series on Paramount+ has received very mixed reviews and a lot of negative criticism from fans. Some of those critiques are aimed at how the show has handled the main character, Master … Read more

Angry Joe Threatens To Sue CBS Over Halo Show Review Claims

Angry Joe has threatened to take CBS to court over the takedowns of his Halo TV show review videos. Game reviewer Angry Joe has been trying to upload his review of the new Halo TV show on YouTube. However, he says CBS has issued multiple claims against his videos each time he tried to upload … Read more