The Vans x Sailor Moon Collaboration Is All I’m Thinking About Right Now

Vans and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon are teaming up for a new collaboration, Vans x Sailor Moon, and it’s all I can think about.

This new collaboration is “inspired by the beloved tales of love and friendship from the legendary anime”. It combines footwear, apparel and accessories into one collection. And if you’re a fan of Vans and Sailor Moon it looks like a dream come true.

An official post on the Vans website details all the different designs and items that are a part of the collection. The footwear range includes a bunch of designs for men, women and children. One of them, the “Sk8-Hi Stacked” infuses “textiles with satin quarters and smooth leather overlays decorated with Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch and bow.”


Also, the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask make an appearance on the “Authentic” as a “tribute to the notable characters from the series.”

Credit: Vans

Vans x Sailor Moon

In addition to footwear, the collection includes other items too. That includes everything from hats and t-shirts to backpacks. You can take a look at the site yourself, but I’ll detail some of the apparel Vans has listed on the post.

There’s the Women’s BFF Crew Fleece, which “takes inspiration from Sailor Moon’s heroic sailor suit. The style showcases Vans’ Checkerboard pattern down one sleeve and “Off The Wall” printed down the other.” Then there’s the “Got This Mini Backpack” which features a close-up of Sailor Moon’s partner, Luna. The backpack comes in a “Luna-inspired purple” with “adjustable shoulder straps and an exterior zip pocket”.


There’s apparel for men too, and even an opportunity to design your own Sailor Moon inspired footwear through Vans’ Customs platform. It really sounds like they’re going all out with this collaboration. It launches in the second half of July, so if you’re a fan of Vans or Sailor Moon there’s not too long to wait.

Featured Image Credit: Vans