Warner Bros Will Apparently Only Use Henry Cavill As Superman Going Forward

Warner Bros. is apparently scrapping all Superman projects in favour of using Henry Cavill as the only Superman.

The company announced that, due to the resignation of its chairman, Warner Bros. will be having a major shake up. Toby Emmerich, who has been the chairman since 2018, resigned recently. And following his resignation, CEO David Zaslav is taking the company in a new direction.

Warner Bros. recently merged with Discovery, and the company is committing to a big reshape. The company is splitting into three separate divisions – DC Entertainment, New Line and the Warner Animation Group. These new divisions will reportedly help push the company in a new direction.

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Image: DC/Warner Bros

Part of this restructure apparently involves Superman. Warner Bros. has reportedly decided to refocus solely on Henry Cavill’s Superman. That means all other Superman projects could end up being scrapped.

Superman Scrapped

As reported by Superman Homepage, Zaslav told his team to “scratch every Superman project in development and start fresh with Henry Cavill”. There’s apparently a new film in development with Cavill as the lead. Not much is known about it for now, but it’s clear Warner Bros. wants him at the forefront.

Despite the rocky road that some DC films have been, Henry Cavill has always been a great Superman. It’s interesting that Warner Bros. is reshaping in such a way though. Cavill is obviously a huge star, but some other Superman projects have found success too.

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Apparently, Superman and Lois will be unaffected by the restructure.The show was recently renewed for a third season.

And last year, we found out that Ta-Nehisi Coates had been hired to write a script for a Superman reboot. Warner Bros. were looking for a black director for the film, as well as a black actor for Superman. This has likely been scrapped now along with all the other projects.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros