Internet Gaslights Sony Into Re-Releasing Morbius, Only For It To Bomb Again

The greatest film of all time, Morbius, has been re-released in theaters following the widespread Morbin’ memes – only for the film to bomb again.

Morbius was released earlier this year, and it didn’t exactly do well. The film got critically panned and performed pretty poorly at the box office. But since then, it’s become something of a smash success in the world of memes.

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After a tweet mentioned a scene where Morbius says “it’s morbin time” and “proceeds to morb all over those guys”, the film quickly became a meme. Now it seems like everyone and their dog is posting about Morbius ironically.

But it turns out Sony was a little bit too optimistic about all the Morbius memes. It brought the film back to theatres, clearly expecting some kind of resurgence due to the popularity of the memes. Predictably, the film did not do well.

Morbius Re-Release Bomb

Morbius bombed again with an $85,000 week, which is a pretty terrible performance. Sonic 2 earned $1.62 million in the same timeframe.

Clearly, Sony was tricked by all these Morbius memes into re-releasing the film to an uninterested audience. People just want to laugh at the film, not with it. And so Morbius has failed to make an impact again, which comes as no surprise.

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On top of that, actor Jared Lato, who plays the now-iconic Morbius, made a video about the meme. In it, he’s shown looking at a script for “Morbius 2: It’s Morbin Time”. Many criticised the video for killing the meme, and it’s easy to understand why.

Regardless, it seems like Sony wasn’t quite ready to unleash Morbius back into the world. An unwilling audience and a meme that was already on the way out have spelled the end for Morbius. And so it turns out that it was not, infact, Morbin time.

Featured Image Credit: Sony