Here Are The Shooters You Should Still Be Excited For In 2021

2021 hasn’t been your average year for shooters. But despite several delays, the year still has some seriously exciting shooters coming up.

While the effects of the pandemic have left the majority of 2021 sparse, it has resulted in a packed few months. And as we run up to the Christmas rush, we have a stacked few months, filled with the hottest games of 2021. Naturally, I couldn’t help but rustle up a quick list of the most exciting shooters you should be excited for in 2021.

Credit: Activision


Yes, Call of Duty Vanguard might be the 20th mainline entry in the long running series, but Sledgehammer Games is aiming to keep things fresh. With 20 maps on launch, a full multi-protagonist campaign, and Treyarch back for zombies, there is a little something for everyone in this next game.

The recent PlayStation alpha showcased the return of a more tactile approach to gameplay. And with support from 3D Audio, Haptic Feedback and an updated engine, Vanguard will truly usher Call of Duty into next-gen. Even if you aren’t shelling out for the new COD, it will still bring a ton of updates to Warzone. With a new map and the eventual arrival of anti-cheat, battle royale fans have plenty to look forward to in Vanguard.

Credit: Sony/ Arkane


Deathloop is one of the most exciting shooters of this year. And while “shooter” might not be how players are use to describing a game from the makers of Dishonored, this really is. Deathloop is taking the adaptable Arkane gameplay style and focusing it on high-octane action. You’ll still be doing plenty of sneaking, so Dishonored need not worry too much. However, they’ll be no cupboard stacked full of knocked out guards in this one.

With its simple premise of “two assassins stuck in a time loop”, Arkane is taking the shooter genre and making it a puzzle. In Black Reef, you’ll have to memorise who is where and when to successfully kill each of your eight targets. And then you’ll also be able to irritate your friends as Juliana, just for the fun of it. Expect many supernatural abilities, stylish guns, and inventive ways to kill when this PS5 exclusive launches on September 14th.

Credit: Ubisoft


Recent Far Cry entries have really just been fine-tunings of what Ubisoft perfected back in Far Cry 3. However, the latest outing for the franchise is hoping to add a more dynamic and chaotic feel. Set in the expansive island of Yara, you’ll take on more varied missions. And you’ll not do it alone as Far Cry 6 stocks you up with a wild arsenal of weapons. Oh, and a loyal alligator named Guapo.

With the big bad played by none other than Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Far Cry 6 might have an iconic villain on its hands for the first time since Far Cry 3. And with the series moving back to a fully voiced character, with Dani Rojas, it looks like we’ll have a solid story to experiece.

Credit: Ubisoft

Of course, there is also the signature chaos that Far Cry fans are accustomed to. With mountains, forests, seas and cities, there are plenty of places to experiment with the game’s large concoction of weaponry.

Far Cry 6 will launch on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC on October 7th.

Credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite

The return of Master Chief is finally on the horizon. After months of rumours on when Halo Infinite would or wouldn’t release, 343 Industries finally announced a December 8th release. And while the main game won’t launch with co-op campaign or forge, its campaign and multiplayer are exciting affairs. At least, if the recent flight impressions are anything to go by.

With the series’ first proper attempt at live service, Halo Infinite will feature a brilliant never-ending battle pass. And with seasons of post-launch content, along with entirely customisable spartan armours, I can’t wait to get stuck in. Hopefully, armour sets won’t be quite as ridiculous as the recent Halo 3 sets.

Credit: EA/DICE

Battlefield 2042

There is no other release that I look forward to more than Battlefield 2042. While the series has tinkered around in a World War setting for the last couple of entries, 2042 is going all out on in near-future warfare. And before you panic, no that doesn’t mean jet packs and wall-running.

Massive maps and 128 player lobbies are just the start of what make 2042 so appealing. With a proper push for live service, 2042 will have plenty of reasons to keep playing. And while a lack of campaign may be disappointing for some, in its place we have Battlefield Portal. This strand of 2042 will allow players to create custom matches, with an impressive amount of variations. I think with a bit of time, the Battlefield community will come up with some superb game modes.

Credit: EA/DICE

All of that without even mentioning Hazard Zone… and that’s because we don’t know much yet. But the mode is being pegged as an evolution of the Battle Royale, so fingers crossed we don’t have another Firestorm.

So that’s everything in my 2021 shooter Christmas list. Which are you most excited for? And are there any I’ve missed out? Let me know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries