COD Vanguard Open Beta To Launch Next Week

Call of Duty Vanguard launches its open beta next week, and Sledgehammer Games has just revealed all of its content.

At the end of August, PlayStation players got their first taste of Vanguard’s new mode Champion Hill. And I have to say, I thought it was great. Following the alpha, an open beta launches this month allowing players to get a decent feel for the game’s multiplayer. Unlike the alpha however, the beta will come with a little bit more than just one mode.

As we warm up for the beta, Sledgehammer Games unveiled all of the content available within it. And there is actually quite a lot for players to sink their teeth into when the beta launches on September 16th.



The Call of Duty Vanguard beta will launch with four maps, six modes and even new gameplay features. Sledgehammer also announced the beta would feature a number of gameplay enhancements. These enhancements are rooted in the feedback from players that participated in the alpha.

On top of the Champion Hill arenas, the beta will also include maps titled Hotal Royal, Gavutu, Red Star and Eagle’s Nest. Champion Hill will, of course, be making a return, giving Xbox and PC players a chance to try out the new competitive mode.

However, Call of Duty classics such as Team Deathmatch, Domination and Kill Confirmed will be present too. A new mode called Patrol will be showing up on the first weekend, and Search and Destroy will turn up for the second.


Players looking to grind the multiplayer aspect of the beta will be able to rank their weapons up to level 30.

Credit: Sledgehammer Games

Playing Favourites

Something that is sticking in the throats of many Call of Duty fans however is the amount of PlayStation exclusive elements. Despite getting an exclusive alpha, the early access beta will still launch only on PlayStation the weekend before on September 10th.

On top of additional beta time however, PlayStation players will receive two additional loadout slots. This means that PlayStation will have 12 loadout slots over Xbox and PC’s 10. It’s unclear at this point if this feature will make it into the full game. At this point, however, it seems as though it will.


The Call of Duty Vanguard beta kicks off on September 10th for PlayStation early access. Early access for Xbox and PC launches on September 16th, with the full open beta arriving on the 18th.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision/ Sledgehammer Games