Here Are The Most Streamed Games On Twitch This Week

Twitch is often an indication of what is conquering the gaming space, so we have the latest to dominate in this Twitch weekly roundup.

These are the latest to top the charts according to Twitch Tracker, between August 9th and 15th 2021.

Just Chatting

The Just Chatting category has taken back the top spot this week after Apex Legends saw its rise to the top. Taking on everything and anything, the Just Chatting category is often the go-to place for chill streams. It takes up a whopping 13% of all Twitch views this week with 344k viewers and 58 million hours watched. 

Grand Theft Auto V

After surpassing 150 million unit sales, Grand Theft Auto V is back to take over the number 2 spot. This open-world masterpiece from Rockstar has seen a massive surge in popularity due to its role-playing community. GTA V takes up 2nd place with 30.9 million hours watched across 184k viewers, and a 6.9% global share of viewers. 

Credit: Rockstar Games

GTA V will undoubtedly top the charts soon enough, with the game arriving on next-gen later this year. The upgrade will even see the game run at 4K 60FPS.

League of Legends

League of Legends is nipping at the heels of GTA V this week in 3rd place. The long-running strategy game now features over 155 characters, and that variety continues to resonate with players. League of Legends saw a 4.8% bump in tractions this week, reaching 178k viewers. That saw its hour count hit 30 million and a 6.7% global share. 

Apex Legends

After a week at the top, Apex Legends has fell a few places. This is to be expected after the launch of a new season, but Respawn’s battle royale is still holding on as many Warzone streamers recently switched over. Apex Legends acquired 23.5 million hours worth of views this week across 139k viewers, attaining a 5.2% global share. 

Apex Legends Seer
Credit: EA/ Respawn Entertainment


As Valorant’s Episode 3 Act 1 comes to a close, Twitch viewers are clearly still interested in this FPS hero shooter. Despite not recieving any substantial addition to the game since June, Valorant still kept a hold of 128k viewers amassing 21.6 million hours watched. That’s a 4.8% global share. 

That’s it for this Twitch weekly roundup, but be sure to check back next week to see which games are conquering Twitch. 

What game’s do you think deserve to sit in the top 5? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Twitch