More Influencers Are Now Receiving Mysterious Call Of Duty Teasers

Call of Duty 2021 continues to ramp up momentum to its eventual reveal by releasing a series of teasers to international content creators.

A Call of Duty 2021 teaser surfaced last week, confirming the game’s long-rumoured World War 2 setting. In that teaser, we got a glimpse of WW2-era German helmets, stick grenades and barbed wire wrapped around a woodland setting. The teaser also mentioned the word Vanguard, which has been thought to be the game’s subtitle for some time.

However, over the weekend more of these teasers have been released internationally. And they give us a bit more insight into the upcoming Call of Duty 2021 title.


The Eastern Front

The second teaser for Call of Duty 2021 landed in Russian inboxes on Saturday (August 14th). This teaser showcased a trainyard, surrounded by crumbling buildings. Weaving through a broken window, we see scattered bullet casings and a sniper rifle propped up again the window.

The stock of the gun has a word etched in Russian, which translates to Petrova. This is thought to be Russian Sniper Nina Petrova who was credited with 122 kills across the Winter War and World War 2. It looks as this is the same character that is now showing up in Warzone end cutscenes.

The African Front

Australian creators were next up, with a teaser that featured scattered bullets, boxes of grenades and stacked sandbags. There wasn’t anything as substantial in this teaser, however, if anything it may hint at more settings for Call of Duty 2021. The teaser features an Australian badge, so could we be getting multiple playable factions within its multiplayer?


The Pacific Front

The last of the teasers was titled “The Pacific Front” and focuses on a crashed plane on a beach. A jacket can be seen saying “No Guts No Glory” accompanied by yet another Task Force Vanguard badge.

What it all means

While I mentioned the Vanguard badges before, these recent teasers gave us a clearer look at them. It seems as though Task Force Vanguard will be at the heart of Call of Duty 2021’s campaign. I’d imagine this would take the form of multiple settings for its multiplayer, and possibly multiple protagonists for its campaign. The inclusion of Nina Petrova seems to suggest as much, although we’ve yet to see any other specific character.

The mention of a Task Force obviously bares similarity to Task Force 141 from the Modern Warfare series. Hopefully we know more about this Task Force soon.


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Featured Image Credit: Activision