Call of Duty 2021 Teasers Confirm WW2 Setting

Call of Duty 2021 gets ready for a reveal, after sending out a teaser that confirms the long-rumoured World War 2 setting.

The pressure has been put on Call of Duty, as an influx of leaks have spread across the internet. Call of Duty’s official Twitter account even played into the joke by providing our first proper look at its 2021 entry.

However, this morning mysterious teasers were sent out to various content creators, including ourselves, which seem to confirm its World War Two setting.

Credit: Twitter

Inglorious Players

Despite the teaser being just five seconds long, there is a lot to pick apart from it. It also backs up the other teaser that Call of Duty released earlier. In it, we see a woodland area, with various close-ups of barbed wire, metal helmets and even WW2-styled stick grenades. The grenades are accompanied by what looks like a Sten sub-machine gun. Gunshots and explosions can be heard in the distance.

We get a look at a damaged badge that features a skull with wings and a knife going down the centre. The bottom of the badge also seems to say Vanguard. This has long been the rumoured title of Call of Duty 2021. Although since the video was uploaded via Twitter, the poor quality means it is a little difficult to read.

The video teaser sent to FragHero.
Credit: Activision

We also get a look at a sign reading “attention” in German, and a maroon beret. And finally, a small patch with the name Sgt. Kingsley hangs from barbed wire, potentially hinting at Call of Duty 2021’s protagonist.


With the traditional release window of Call of Duty coming up in November, along with the small tidbits of official information coming out, we can likely expect a reveal soon.

Did you notice anything I’ve missed in the teaser? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Activision