Splitgate Devs Are Keen To Expand To Nintendo Switch and Mobile

Splitgate has taken the shooter community by storm, but despite server issues, 1047 Games wants the game to come to Nintendo Switch and mobile.

1047 Games has had a wild couple of months. After releasing back in 2019, Splitgate finally saw its console beta launch in July. But the game became a far bigger success than 1047 Games had ever expected, overwhelming the studio with capped server capacity and lengthy queues.

However, after receiving a $10 million cash injection and server capacities gradually increasing, 1047 are keen to expand to Nintendo Switch and even mobile.

Credit: 1047 Games


In a recent livestream, the developer discussed the future of the game. It announced that an enhanced version of Splitgate is in the works for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The next-gen upgrade was supposed to have launched already but continued efforts to expand servers delayed it.

However, when it came to other platforms, co-founder Ian Proulx stated:

Part of the vision is we want to be available on everything. We want to be available on mobile, Switch – you know, I mean everything.”

This is quite an ambitious statement, but as shooter fans around the world lap up Splitgate’s Halo-meets-Portal gameplay, why wouldn’t 1047 want to see the game grow. While the developer is focusing on consoles right now, Proulx went on to discuss the potential of crossplay.

…it’s important to us that people can play with their friends, and that means cross-play on everything.

We’ve seen titles such as Apex Legends come to Nintendo Switch and feature crossplay. So the potential for Splitgate to also make its way over to the hybrid platform is likely.

Splitgate is currently available to play for free across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Feature Image Credit: 1047 Games