Splitgate Will Soon Get Custom Matches For Extra Fun

The popular arena shooter Splitgate is getting custom matches soon. Splitgate took the gaming community by storm earlier this year, becoming so popular that the servers couldn’t keep up. It brought arena shooters back to the spotlight, and now it’s adding custom matches to make the game even better. The game is primed to launch … Read more

Splitgate Is Only “25% Complete” According To Devs

The Halo-meets-Portal shooter took the gaming world by storm this summer, but Splitgate is only “25% complete” according to devs. Splitgate launched its console beta back in July, and suffice to say, the shooter was a hit. Servers were packed as players flocked to the throwback of old-school shooters like Halo. The success was so … Read more

Splitgate Devs Admit They Are Being “Overwhelmed”

The Splitgate devs have opened up about server overload and admit they are “overwhelmed”. Splitgate has been one of the biggest surprise successes of the year – and it isn’t even out yet. The Splitgate servers have been bursting at the seems ever since its beta launch in early July. Players just cannot get enough … Read more

Splitgate Delayed After Securing $10 Million In Funding

Splitgate has been delayed after its developer, 1047 Games, secured an additional $10 million in funding. The Portal-meets-Halo shooter was expected to launch today, July 27th, but a last-minute announcement from the company has pushed the release back to August. Players around the world were excited to wake up to the full launch of Splitgate … Read more