Splitgate Is Only “25% Complete” According To Devs

The Halo-meets-Portal shooter took the gaming world by storm this summer, but Splitgate is only “25% complete” according to devs.

Splitgate launched its console beta back in July, and suffice to say, the shooter was a hit. Servers were packed as players flocked to the throwback of old-school shooters like Halo. The success was so difficult to keep up with that developer 1047 Games admitted it was completely overwhelmed.

However, with a round of funding, with the latest being an eye-watering $100 million, the future is looking bright for Splitgate. And now that 1047 has the funding to back it, the developer sees the game as only “25% complete“.

Credit: 1047 Games


In an inteview with Techcrunch, 1047 CEO Ian Proulx said that upon funding the scope of the game has went “through the roof“. 1047 is now able to expand beyond its initial team of 10, and really double down on Splitgate. Proulx expanded on the potential the new investments provide:

There’s so much we couldn’t think about because we were a tiny team with a tiny budget, but now everything is on the table. We’re focusing on the long term — I look at the game as being 25% done.

Proulx admitted that the game didn’t need to replicate the success of games like Fortnite immediately. However, the team now had its sights set on the “next big games business“. Personally, I’d love to see the team further polish the gameplay to be more in line with a lot of the biggest shooters. A slide function in particular would is a much-requested feature.

Beyond mechanical polish, funding allows Splitgate to lean into its premise with maps, modes and more weapons. I’m sure all Splitgate fans would love to see the game embrace its potential with portal mechanics and physics.

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Feature Image Credit: 1047 Games