Frag In Style With These New Oakley Gaming Glasses

Racking up kills in shooters is one thing, but what’s the point if you can’t do it in style? That’s where the new Oakley gaming glasses come in. They’re stylish looking specs that filter out blue-light and boost colour contrast to potentially improve your gaming performance.

They’re developed in partnership with Turtle Beach. You might recognise the iconic brand from its other gaming peripherals. Its headsets and controllers are notorious third party devices that are used by many gamers around the world.

For now, there’s only one pair of specs on offer in the Oakley x Turtle Beach lineup. Those are the Metalink RX Frames combined with the Prizm Gaming Lenses, custom designed by Oakley. These promise to give gamers a competitive edge in fast paced games, and they do look pretty snazzy at the same time.


Interestingly, Oakley are claiming that these new frames are designed with headsets in mind. Glasses wearers will know the pain of having to wear specs beneath a pair of heavy headphones. The arms can often dig into your skull over long gaming sessions, occasionally causing headaches. Oakley claims that the Metalink RX frames feature a ‘headset compatible’ design which should boost comfort.

Credit: Oakley/Turtle Beach

Lookin’ good

In addition to the newly designed spectacles, Oakley are also running a limited run of their FrogSkin Lite frames with a Turtle Beach insignia on the side. They won’t offer the same potential boost to your gaming performance, but you’ll be able to rep the gaming brand while out and about.

We’ve seen plenty of weird and wonderful gaming apparel in the past. Recently, Razer released a pair of gaming sleeves for your thumbs. Intended to help improve control of mobile touch controls, their purpose seems dubious. However, eye strain and headaches are a genuine concern during long gaming sessions. Especially when you spend all day looking at a screen for work, having a pair of specs that keeps your eyes healthy can be beneficial. Pricey as they may be, at least these gaming glasses serve a purpose.


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Featured Image Credit: Turtle Beach