Battlefield 2042 Short Film ‘Exodus’ Brings Back Fan-Favourite Character

A Battlefield 2042 short film was released to expand the world of 2042, but it also brought back a surprising fan-favourite character.

Battlefield 2042 has been building up its story this week, with daily posts detailing a journalist’s journey with the No-Pats. The story details have been drip-feeding players with various screenshots of the maps that will make their way to the game.

Last night (August 12th) a short film titled “Exodus” gave us our most impressive look at the shape of 2042’s world yet. However, the biggest reveal of the short film was the return of Battlefield 4 character, Irish.

YouTube video

Irish, No-Pats And World War 3

Battlefield 2042’s story centres around a series of environmental disasters. A mass blackout sees the borders blur, as tornados, rising sea levels and sandstorms wipe out cities. These disasters lead to the forming of a nationless faction named the No-Pats, who are trying to prevent the start of World War 3.

The short fim follows Kimble “Irish” Graves as he must choose between the life of 200 refugeees and the future of the No-Pats. Exodus confirms the canonical ending of Battlefield 4, which saw Irish survive the events of the game. The short film follows Irish, who is once again played by Michael K. Williams, as he navigates a conflict with a mysterious figure known only as Oz.

Oddly enough, EA has claimed that there is a “Professor X versus Magneto” vibe going on between the two characters. It will be interesting to see how this translate into a game with no campaign.

A New Specialist

Fans will be happy to know that Irish return extends past the short film, as he will also be one of the playable specialist in Battlefield 2042. Preorders will unlock the hardened legendary skin for the character. This comes after the “Journey of the No-Pats” unveiled a hacker specialist Rao, and brings the current specialist count up to 5. The playable specialists will take the form of various character’s in 2042’s story. The story will evolve over time through the series most “extensive” post-launch support.

Credit: EA/ DICE

Battlefield 2042 gameplay recently surfaced as the game’s alpha went live. With a beta set for September, hopefully we can learn more soon on the story of the No-Pats and Irish.

Battlefield 2042 will release on October 22nd across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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Feature Image Credit: EA/ DICE