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Battlefield 2042 Introduces First Non-Binary Character For The Series

DICE recently showed off a new video featuring five more specialists players can use in Battlefield 2042. One of them is named Emma “Sundance” Rosier, and they’re equipped with smart explosives and a wingsuit. And recently, we learned a new detail about the character as well. Positive Representation A Twitter used asked whether or not … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Unveils Its Final Five Specialists

Dice has shown off the final five Specialists players can pick in Battlefield 2042. These Specialists range from hackers to heavily-armoured soldiers, and each has their own set of unique abilities for you to use in combat. Specialists are a new addition to the Battlefield series. Dice says they are “inspired by Battlefield’s traditional Classes”, … Read more

Battlefield Mobile Shows Up On The Google Play Store

Announced earlier this year, a listing for Battlefield Mobile has been spotted on the Google Play Store. Just as gaming itself has grown rapidly, mobile gaming is steadily catching the eye of some of the biggest franchises. Call of Duty Mobile has blown up recently, and potentially even led to the closure of Call of … Read more