DICE Reveals Upcoming Plot Details For Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 might not have a campaign, but a recent website update is providing plenty of context to the shooter’s plot.

Battlefield 2042 announced that it would launch a short film, titled “Exodus” on August 12th. However, the “standalone” short film isn’t all for 2042’s plot, as EA has provided some vital world-building in a recent website post.

The update, titled “Journey of the No-Pats”, provided the first part of journalist Kayvan Bechir’s story. In it, we get some context to the growing environmental issues within 2042’s world, as well one of its most impressive looking maps, Hourglass.

A New Perspective

The nationless faction known as No-Pats appear to be at the heart of Battlefield 2042’s plot. The group formed as the increasing environmental issues caused the blurring of borders. “Extensive” post-launch content will continue to tell their story. This is an approach we’ve seen in games without traditional campaigns such as Apex Legends and Warzone.

Bechir is told to be investigating the No-Pats, before being hunted down by the Qatari police force. However, an encroaching sand storm – one of the game’s many dynamic map events – obscures their escape.

Detailing some of the history of the Hourglass map, Doha was once the centre of wealth. However, the ever-expanding desert has since claimed the city. We got a good look at this map during 2042’s initial gameplay reveal. It seems that cities like Doha are at risk of capture from the No-Pats, as conditions render them uninhabitable.

For those interested in its story, part two will be posted tomorrow. It seems as if the story of the No-Pats and Bechir will lead into the eventual Exodus short film. The official Battlefield stated that the continuing story would allows players to see its maps “through the eyes” of Bechir.

It looks as if the hype train for Battlefield 2042 may be warming up, after fans were worried about a lack of information shared. Battlefield 2042 is set to release on October 22nd, with an open beta scheduled for September.

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Feature Image Credit: Ubisoft