EA Unveils New Battlefield 2042 Specialist Character

Battlefield 2042’s new specialist character has been detailed in a story update providing context on the shooter’s semi-futuristic setting.

The marketing for Battlefield 2042 has steadily begun to ramp up. This week, we got a peek into some of the story details surround the multiplayer-only shooter. There’s even a short film scheduled for August 11th. However, the latest update has provided us with some tidbits on the game’s first hacker specialist Rao.

Following the story of journalist Kayvar Bechir, the latest chapter saw Bechir encounter the new specialist. Specialist Navin Rao is described as “a notorious Indian hacker and ex-MARCOS officer”.


The mention of a hacker could be telling to Battlefield 2042’s gameplay features. We know specialists will introduce gameplay features like wingsuits. So it begs the questions of what Rao will be hacking when the game launches.

Credit: EA/DICE

With its near-future setting, there is a potential for Rao to hack doors, elevators, bridges and more. Introducing hackable objects would work perfectly with 2042’s dynamic maps. Hopefully, specialists will bring gameplay changing features into the matches, rather than tweaks in playstyle. And Rao’s description as a hacker seems to indicate that.

An emphasis on specialists could create an experience similar to other “hero shooter”. Games like Apex Legends or Rainbow Six Siege have captured their audience through unique characters. There will be ten specialists upon 2042’s launch, with more coming in post-launch updates.

With an open beta scheduled for September, we should know more about how operators work soon.

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Feature Image Credit: EA/ DICE