Activision’s Message To Call of Duty Cheaters Is Hilariously Ominous

Activision has sent a message out to Call of Duty cheaters that has a threatening aura about it – and we kind of love it.

Call of Duty cheaters have practically become a part of the shooter experience, especially in Warzone. For a spell it led to some of the biggest Warzone streamers leaving the game. It’s even partly responsible for seeing Warzone fall out of the top ten on Twitch’s charts. However, Activision has made serious efforts to rid the game of hackers. It’s made hundreds of thousands of bans over the year, and it looks like the age of cheaters could over.

In a hilariously ominous message, Activision issued out a warning to Call of Duty cheaters. And it looks like something big is about to drop.

Credit: Activision


We know that a new anti-cheat system is making its way into Call of Duty Vanguard. However, in its recent beta, hackers managed to work their way through it. Not a great start.

Activision’s message to cheaters, however, seems to suggest something else is afoot. It states:

Cheaters aren’t welcome. There’s no tolerance for cheaters, and soon you’ll know what we mean’

Credit: Twitter

Was it just me that got chills? The message was even sent out to emails. Anyway, there are a couple of things that this could mean. For one, they may be introducing the new anti-cheat into Warzone early, although that seems unlikely. Warzone will get a relaunch of sorts later this year. It’s currently setting up to destroy Verdansk. This will make way for the new Pacific map that is set to launch with Vanguard’s first season.

Secondly, we could be seeing some new measurements introduced to tackle Call of Duty cheaters. Maybe harsher punishments? Maybe bans across all Activision titles? Whatever the case is, Activision is clearly keen to see an end to the Call of Duty cheating issues. And so it should be, because it does spoil the experience for everyone else.

What are you hoping to see from Activision’s new measure against cheaters? Let us know over on our social channels!


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Featured Image Credit: Activision